In Twin Cities, WCCO Unveils Citizen-centric News ‘Wire’

By Andrew Gauthier 


People in Twin Cities social media circles got a sneak peek at WCCO’s The Wire last October, and its promise looked intriguing. We here at Minnov8 were particularly pleased to see John Daenzer and crew be so bold and embracing risk in delivering news in an increasingly changing (and fragmented) media landscape. From what we can see, it looks like the experiment is off to a very strong start.

Here’s how it works: A WCCO reporter or staffer kicks off a story in the timeline. As the story unfolds, updates are done, but where it gets interesting is this: We–formerly known as the audience but geared to be highly participative in today’s online world– are able to submit relevant perspective, information and media we capture digitally and report on the story! More…