In Fox Debut, Palin Attacks ’60 Minutes,’ President Obama

By Andrew Gauthier 

Christian Science Monitor

Sarah Palin versus “60 Minutes”–it’s on! You betcha.

Ex-governor of Alaska, ex-VP candidate, and newly installed Fox News personality, Sarah Palin, on Tuesday night blasted the venerable CBS News flagship for a report on her that she labeled “BS.”

“I had been warned not to watch it,” said Ms. Palin of the “60 Minutes” segment in question.

That segment dealt with a new book on the campaign that alleges, among other things, that Palin did not know why North and South Korea are two different countries.

“That is a lie,” said Palin.

Host Bill OReilly of “The O’Reilly Factor” said that Palin couldn’t have bested Vice President Biden in a debate if she were really that dumb, and offered her his show as a base for future anti-“60 Minutes” offensives. More…