In Buffalo, WKBW Champions Staff’s Flexibility

By Andrew Gauthier 

The Buffalo News

WKBW-TV General Manager Bill Ransom said last week that he plans to replace reporter Julie Fine after she leaves for a job in Pittsburgh in April. You certainly can see why it would be a good idea to do it quickly.

When Fine leaves, there will only be four staffers at the ABC affiliate whose job is exclusively reporting: John Borsa, Kyla Igoe, Laura Gray and Kevin Jolly. That is the fewest number of reporters-only on the local channels. Gray and Borsa also have been substitute anchors on occasion.


The rest of Channel 7’s 10- member, on-air news staff (not including sports or weather) listed on its website are the anchors, who also do reporting. Weekend weather anchor Jennifer Stanonis also is a reporter. More…