In Austin, Veteran Food Critic Moves to Rival Station

By Andrew Gauthier 

Austin American-Statesman

Rob Balon, the Austin food critic who has voiced his opinions on Fox 7 for the past decade is headed over to KVUE, Austin’s ABC affiliate. His reviews will be broadcast during the Daybreak and Midday news shows on Fridays beginning March 12.

Balon, whose last Fox 7 appearance was December 18th of last year, called his time at Fox 7 a good run. “Eleven years in television is almost like dog years,” he said.


Former Fox 7 General Manager Danny Baker recruited Balon, who was then doing (and continues to do) reviews on KLBJ radio, to put his face on TV. “He and I were kind of joined at the hip; we were great friends,” Balon explained. Baker retired in 2008 and Balon didn’t renew his contract. More…