Idaho Falls Shared Services Agreement Leading to Major Layoffs

By Andrew Gauthier 


Two stations in Idaho Falls have entered into a shared services agreement and many of the stations’ staffers will be left in the cold when the new deal takes effect.

Fisher Communications, owner of CBS-affiliate KIDK, and News-Press and Gazette Company, owner of ABC-affiliate KIFI, announced earlier this week that they had reached an agreement in which KIDK will receive support from KIFI and News-Press and Gazette.


“We are delighted to have in place an arrangement that further strengthens our station,” Fisher Communications President and CEO Colleen Brown said.

While Fisher Communications praises the deal, new details have emerged indicating that the agreement will lead to major layoffs at KIDK. According to documents obtained by the Post Register, KIDK plans to reduce its staff by more than half. The Fisher documents indicate that KIDK will shed 27 positions, including station manager and news director.