Here’s Why WPVI Got Trolled With a Picture of Some Naked Guy

By Kevin Eck 

Philadelphia’s WPVI was getting someone else’s backside handed to them Monday night via Twitter, but it wasn’t what you might think.

The ABC-owned station was targeted with a series of tweets Monday night featuring the naked backside of a gentleman who may forever remain anonymous.

“The reason it was being tweeted to ABC6 last night was a memorial to the twitter user @TomBroDude, who recently passed away,” @MessEnScene Sean Mulvihill told TVSpy.


The group has a history of trolling WPVI. reported about @TomBroDude leading a protest of sorts against a station hashtag when a blizzard was expected a couple of years ago.

Here’s the @TomBroDude tweet that started it all in 2015.

While we neither publicly condone or criticize the trolling, we will mention there is a GoFundMe site set up to help with Tom’s funeral expenses. Click here to donate.

Click here to see all the tweets. Here’s a story about it from – click here to view.

From Patrick Coffee over at one of our sister sites AgencySpy who gave us the tip about the story: