Here are Some Random Twitter Snapshots of Blizzard 2016

By Kevin Eck 

The Blizzard of 2016 prompted all sorts of tweets from local TV stations. Some were straight up news and information on airport closures, traffic conditions and where the snow plows were.

TVSpy has an unscientific round up of tweets we thought told the story of what happened out here on the East Coast. Our readers are welcome to send us any tweets they think need to be added.

WABC meteorologist Lee Goldberg introduced himself to the Blizzard of 2016 while standing outside the ABC-owned station on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Some reporters used cars as props to show what was happening. Some drove in them, some stood next to snowdrifts allegedly hiding them.
WJZ reporter Meghan McCorkell shot some driving video to demonstrate what was happening.

WCBS reporter and anchor Diane Macedo showed the hidden dangers of a New York snowdrift.

WABC did a car and snowdrift triptych.

WPIX anchor Kala Rama showed what part of her commute looked like.

A FOX5 photog got in on the act.

Some tweets showed some poignant and not so poignant moments during the snowstorm.
WNBC reporter Pei-Sze Cheng tweeted out a somber shot of man being consoled after losing his father.

Amy Yensi from WJZ in Baltimore went for the universal theme.

While NBC-owned station WCAU tweeted out video of this lady making a snow angel. She’s 98.

Here’s a shot of Casey Neistat snowboarding on city streets from WABC.

While WCBS anchor Chris Wragge reminds us all what New Yorkers really care about in times of crisis. Food delivery.

From the dry heat of Arizona, the NYPD making sure the pizza got delivered.

And a time-lapse from the network.

WTTG reporter and anchor Jim Lokay shows off.

While Chris Wragge and Mary Calvi at WCBS show they’re working hard.

WTTG anchor Laura Evans with the bittersweet snowplow situation in DC.

Wisdom Martin didn’t make it to work at Fox-owned Washington, D.C. station WTTG for this morning’s show. He got snowed in. Maureen Umeh filled in for him.

Some tweets gave a little perspective on the whole thing.
NBC-owned WCAU had its chopper in the air to show the snow coating.

But nothing compares to this.