Hartford Anchors Celebrate Election 2014 with Traditional Garb Fit for the Nineties

By Kevin Eck 

House and DascenzioLast night, while the rest of the country’s stations were tracking votes, WFSB co-anchors Dennis House and Denise D’Ascenzo were celebrating a special anniversary.

House writes on his blog, he wore the same Brooks Brothers tie he’s worn on election night since 1994. D’Ascenzo wore what the two call the “’vintage voting vestment,’ a velvet garment she debuted for an election night in 1998.” Check out a snazzy pic of the “vestment” after the jump.

D’Ascenzo noticed a seam starting to rip on the voting garment. “[W]e are keeping our fingers crossed the historic frock will be around for the mayoral elections next year and the presidential election in 2016,” said House.

Here’s a pic of the “vintage voting vestment.”

vintage voting vestment