Hartford Anchor Moves to Huffington Post, Talks About Leaving Station

By Kevin Eck 

Former anchor Tina Martin is writing for The Huffington Post.

Martin left WFSB in June and wasted little time in telling her new readers what it felt like when she was taken off the anchor desk and put into the field as a reporter for the Hartford CBS affiliate.

My boss called me early in 2014 and said that management was making a change. I was no longer going to anchor the weekend morning show; I would return to reporting from the field.

I was frustrated, embarrassed and a little angry. With several months left on my contract, I reported from the field, every day having to smile as viewers asked me what happened. I eventually left the station when my time was up. I was free.

Martin sounds optimistic when she writes about what’s next for her, “The comfy route would have been to stay there and work my way to main anchor. But when you’re created for more, the comfy route isn’t an option. I’d be lying if I said change feels good: It doesn’t always, but it will eventually.”

And has advice for those wondering if they should stay or go, “Ask yourself if your current situation will really help you get there, most times, the answer is no. So, let go and welcome change.”

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