‘Hannibal’ Producer Compares Salt Lake City Station to Soviet Newspaper

By Kevin Eck 

KSL LOGO_304x200Bryan Fuller, executive producer of the NBC show Hannibal, told the Salt Lake Tribune the Salt Lake City NBC affiliate’s decision not to run his show doesn’t hurt his feelings.

“Well, because they had yanked other things that were less offensive, I didn’t take it quite as personally,” Fuller said. But he did equate KSL‘s move to something one might see in the old Soviet Union.

He did, however, compare Channel 5 to Pravda, the Russian newspaper that, in the Soviet era particularly, was known for repressing the news or changing it to fit the Communist Party’s version of the truth.

“Even, like, look at what’s happening in Russia with all of the anti-gay propaganda — but I still love Russian citizens,” Fuller said. “I don’t like what the government does, but I like the people.”

KSL is known for refusing to air NBC shows. The Tribune listed the shows KSL has either refused to air or moved into late night spots, Picket Fences, Doctor, Doctor, Poker After Dark, Coupling, God, The Devil and Bob, The Playboy Club, The New Normal as well as the Sports Illustrated swimsuit specials.

The station is owned by Bonneville International which is owned by Deseret Management Corporation which is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

TVSpy asked KSL for comment. We will update when we hear back.