Gray Television Provides Face Masks for Employees

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Gray Television is equipping its employees who are still covering news daily with masks to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

It’s a step the broadcast group is taking as the Centers for Disease Control is reportedly considering recommending that the general public wear masks or face coverings in public to stop the spread.

“The benefit derives not from protecting the mask wearer from being exposed to the coronavirus,” Gray’s human resources department wrote in an email to company employees. “Wearing a cloth face mask may be beneficial because it would limit the spread of coronavirus by infected mask wearers who are out in public but who do not know that they are contagious.”


Thousands of reusable cloth masks are on the way (these are not surgical and N95 masks that are in demand right now by medical professionals and first responders).

The masks will go to employees who continue to work at stations and put out content daily on newscasts first. Gray has also ordered masks for homeless shelters in local markets where their stations operate.