Future of Bay Area Station Hinges on Fundraiser

By Andrew Gauthier 

San Mateo County Times

The longtime Bay Area community broadcasting fixture KCSM could lose its television station if a fundraising drive fails to reach its $1 million goal by Jan. 1.

So far, the drive has raised $6,000, said Marilyn Lawrence, general manager for KCSM, which debuted in 1964 and is based at College of San Mateo.


“If we don’t hit our goal, the (San Mateo County Community College District) could make the decision to sell the TV station,” Lawrence said Friday. “It would mean there won’t longer be an independent voice in the Bay Area.”

The station has struggled to survive with an operating deficit made worse by the state’s ongoing fiscal uncertainties.

The district board is expected in the coming months to make a decision on whether to sell the station. District leaders say they would like to keep the station.

“We’re trying to do everything we can to get it out of the red,” district board President Karen Schwarz said previously. More…