Fox’s Hemmer Reflects on ‘Heartbreaking’ Days in Haiti

By Andrew Gauthier

Bill Hemmer had just arrived at an airbase in Florida when I talked to him Monday afternoon. He had just completed a reporting stint in Port-au-Prince that started last Wednesday, the day after a powerful earthquake struck the Haitian capital.

“It is such a difficult story to relay to people, because it’s so overwhelmingly awful … the sheer enormity of human need,” said the Fox News Channel anchor, a veteran correspondent who has seen rough situations before.


“Professionally we’re taken to a lot of tough areas,” he said. “Nothing has prepared you for an experience like this. Every person in that city has a story, they’re all heartbreaking, not one is a happy story.”

In terms of logistics, Hemmer and crew found a hotel on the outskirts of the Haitian capital. “It was very accommodating.” From that base — “a bit of an oasis” — he, a producer and a photographer would hit the city as the sun came up to chronicle the stories of the survivors. More…