FOX DC Reveals Reporter Is Advocate for Second Amendment

By Kevin Eck 

WTTG told its viewers Tuesday night its chief investigative reporter Emily Miller is an advocate for the Second Amendment.

Miller has been doing a series on WTTG about gun permits for use outside the home. Anchor Shawn Yancy tossed to one of Miller’s stories telling viewers, “Emily is a proponent for Second Amendment rights. She is the author of a book about what it takes to register a gun in DC and in national gun control politics.”

It’s rare for a station to disclose a reporter’s particular leanings. However, FOX was aware of her support for the Second Amendment before they hired her since she had just written a book about it.

Erik Wemple of The Washington Post, who first reported the reveal, seems to have Miller in his sights, questioning both Miller’s ability to be fair in her reporting and the story she uses as the genesis of her advocacy.

It’s a strange role for any investigative reporter, and its perils surface in a number of statements that Miller has made in recent years.

Being both a Second Amendment proponent and a local television personality has afforded Miller a great number of opportunities to explain the roots of her position on guns. On Feb. 10, for instance, the National Rifle Association, Maryland Shall Issue, the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore and the Maryland State Rifle and Pistol Association held a lobbying day in Annapolis to fight the state’s gun controls. Miller addressed the group: “I got started a few years ago in all this because I was a victim of a home invasion,” she said. “I was dog-sitting for friends and went out to walk the dog for a few minutes and came back and there was a man inside the house robbing it. And he left, he didn’t hurt me, thank God.”

Wemple wonders whether the home invader was inside at the time, or was on his way out. Click here to read the details.