Four-Employee Station Gets Comcast Pick-Up in Denver

By Andrew Gauthier 

Denver Post

In just about every small business startup, the work is done by a few dedicated staffers who put in crazy hours, wear multiple hats and forgo immediate paychecks to create something from nothing. The bills are (barely) paid, and there’s more hustle than actual income, but the future looks bright.

Starting a TV station from scratch is no different. And that includes KCDO, or “K3,” formerly a tiny VHF station in Sterling, set to debut this morning on Comcast’s Channel 3 in Denver and Loveland.


This is what the mom-and-pop television station looks like: Master control is a computer on a desk in the back of a small, old house in a residential neighborhood in Denver. Commercials go for $10 to $30. On the screen, a young Perry Mason grandstands as Ironsides, an even younger James Garner grins as Rockford. More…