Former WPTV Anchor Miranda Khan Reinvents Herself as a Stripper (At Least on TV)

By Merrill Knox 

Former WPTV anchor Miranda Khan, who left the West Palm Beach NBC affiliate in 2007, has a racy new role in front of the camera — as a stripper.

Khan appeared in an episode of “The Glades” on A&E this weekend as a policewoman-turned-stripper named “Officer Candy.” The former 5:30 p.m. anchor, who has been acting in the four years since she left WPTV, told The Palm Beach Post she was hesitant to tell friends and family about her latest television role.

“I play a stripper, for crying out loud,” she said. “I went from such a serious profession to this. I wasn’t feeling news anymore. I wanted to do something more creative.”

After almost 10 years in the news business, Khan decided she was in need of a career change. She has appeared in several small roles since then. “Basically, I did a 180,” she told The Post. “I feel like I get to live many lives, to step into somebody else’s shoes, even if it’s for a day.”