Former WCCO Sports Reporter Ralph Jon Fritz has Stomach Cancer

By Aneya Fernando 

1429791902_349-05142013-10001088aRalph Jon Fritz, the former sports personality at WCCO, the Minneapolis-St. Paul CBS O&O, has revealed that he has terminal stomach cancer.

In a mass email sent to his friends and colleagues, Fritz revealed his diagnosis:

This is, without a doubt, the most difficult E-Mail I have ever sent. Within the past week, I have been diagnosed with Stomach Cancer that is inoperable. It is TREATABLE but terminal.

I want to be as up front as possible so people don’t hear things 2nd hand or through the Rumor Mill. Please know that I am so thankful to have had you in my life. I have had the absolute best friends a man could ever want. You guys are the greatest. Thank you all so much.

Fritz spent the better part of four decades at WCCO, before retiring in 2005.