Former WCCO Reporter Karen Boros Dies at 82

By Kevin Eck 

Former WCCO reporter Karen Boros died Sunday at age 82 after a battle with cancer.

The station said Boros started working there as a writer, “but soon discovered she could do the same work as an on-air reporter and make twice as much money.”

“I suddenly wanted nothing more than to be ‘on television,'” Boros wrote in 2011.


Boros covered politics for the Minneapolis CBS owned station in the 1980s before moving to CBS News. She later worked at Minnesota Public Radio, Twin Cities Public Television, and then as a journalism professor at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul.

“The final irony is that the teaching career I worked hard to avoid was one I cherished,” said Boros. “I spent 19 years trying to teach college students to write and ask questions. Some learned. Some whined. Together we all moved forward. Those kids shaped me and challenged me more than they will ever know. For that career and those students I am forever grateful.”