Ex-WBZ Anchor Bob Lobel ‘New Face’ of Medical Marijuana

By Mark Joyella 

Former WBZ Boston sports anchor Bob Lobel credits medical marijuana for keeping him free from addiction as he dealt with extreme pain following a series of surgeries. “I didn’t want to take any more OxyContin or oxycodone or Percocet,” Lobel told the Boston Herald:

The 71-year-old longtime television reporter and anchor has dealt with chronic pain for years…he’s had two knee replacements, two rotator cuff surgeries, four back surgeries and, in separate accidents, fractured the tops of both femurs.

“That was brutal,” Lobel told the Herald, referencing the femur breaks. The constant pain left him taking a variety of opioids.

Lobel says he found relief from medical marijuana, choosing a form of cannabis oil that means he doesn’t have to smoke:

“It’s more than a reasonable alternative (to opioids) once you get past the stigma like you’re under a railroad bridge smoking pot,” Lobel said. “It’s not perfect, and I still need to learn more about what works best for me. I just feel like it’s a positive once you get past the word ‘marijuana.’

“I am not saying it’s the be-all and end-all,” he added. “But, in terms of pain relief … it really helps.”

Lobel is even on the cover of DigBoston, where he’s proclaimed the “new face of medical cannabis is Mass.”

[h/t TVNewsLab]