Former SF Bay Area Anchor Reveals He Has Lung Cancer

By Kevin Eck 

Former KRON and KNTV anchor Tom Sinkovitz revealed he’s suffering from stage 4 Lung cancer.

As SF Bay Area media blogger Rich Lieberman first reported, the former anchor recently got some good news from his Oncologist. Sinkovitz left KNTV in 2011 and hasn’t been back on Bay Area airwaves since.

“He basically told me the cancer hasn’t spread; that it’s been isolated and that, for the moment, it’s under control,” Sinkovitz told Lieberman. “I’m not out of the woods but I feel a helluva lot better and I’m stronger.”


Sinkovitz has added some weight too and says he’s not as doggedly tired as he used to be and he credits a new super drug called zykadia his doctors have given him as the basis of his physical strength. For the time being, he’s getting better.

He’s also comforted by his wife, Paula and their two 15 year-old twins. “They’ve all been remarkable and incredibly comforting. We’ve been up front about explaining to them what’s going on and they are adopting well.”

Sinkovitz knows he’s got a long road ahead but he’s clearly prepared to do battle. “I feel great–every day is a new day.”