Former Santa Barbara Anchor Gets Electronic Monitoring in DUI Case

By Kevin Eck 

Former KEYT-KCOY anchor Paula Lopez is going to serve her time at home after being accepted into the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s electronic monitoring program.

Noozhawk reports Lopez was given the choice of reporting to county jail to serve her 120 day sentence or applying for electronic monitoring.

Lopez plead no contest to one count of driving under the influence, two counts of delaying or resisting a peace officer, one count of refusing a chemical test and one count of battery on a peace officer.Lopez was charged with several misdemeanor counts, including driving under the influence and battery on a police officer.

From Noozhawk:

Her probation rules include finishing DUI school, continuing her therapy, not using alcohol, and taking the anti-alcohol drug Antabuse for three years, according to the DA’s Office.

The SCRAM continuous alcohol monitoring system (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) was not ordered as part of the plea deal.

Lopez has spoken publicly about her ongoing battle with alcoholism. She said she was getting medical treatment after a public intoxication arrest in July 2013 and a day-long disappearance earlier that year.