Former Pittsburgh Anchor Arrested in California

By Andrew Gauthier 

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Former TV news anchor Don Cannon has been arrested in California for failure to report for sentencing in two separate cases of driving under the influence.

Mr. Cannon, whose real name is Donald J. Clark, had pleaded guilty to two cases of DUI that occurred in 2007.

According to the Allegheny County sheriff’s department, Mr. Cannon moved to Carlsbad, Calif., after his guilty plea. He was supposed to report to start serving his sentence last month and failed to do so.

Subsequently, two bench warrants were issued for his arrest.

Late last night, Allegheny County sheriff’s deputies contacted police in Carlsbad and asked for their assistance in arresting Mr. Clark. They were told that Mr. Cannon had recently been arrested on another DUI charge and had been in court earlier that day. More…