Former Philly Reporter Takes Odd Stories International With ‘Exploring Quirky’

By Kevin Eck 

Don Polec was known for his off-beat reporting while working at Philadelphia’s WPVI.

“My favorite stories were ones where people were doing something really unusual, but to them it was no big deal,” Polec told the Philly Voice. “They weren’t saying ‘Hey, aren’t I wacky?’ Well, no, it was just part of their normal existence.”

Polec started his career at WKBW in Buffalo when it was owned by Capital Cities. In 1982, he got his own segment titled Don Polec’s World when CapCities moved him to its Philadelphia station WPVI.

Polec, who has been living with Kidney disease and looking for a transplant donor, left WPVI in 2009 and started his own company Sunblossom Entertainment. He’s now taking his unique brand of reporting international with his show Exploring Quirky.

So far, Polec said, the show has been relatively successful and he hopes to continue producing the program, while still working with his wife on SunBlossom Entertainment, a provider of video services to corporations.

“It’s not retire-to-Tahiti lucrative, but that’s the thing, we have to do something else to keep the lights on. And we figure corporate marketing is such an up-and-coming tool in video, you know for the web and everything else. It’s becoming so prominent on web sites.

“Video boosts your Google rankings,” he continues. “We try and impress on people that the video needs to look good.”

Here’s one of Polec’s pieces from WPVI: