Former Orlando Anchor Wendy Chioji Enters Clinical Trials at National Cancer Institute

By Mark Joyella 

orl-chioji_announcement_20101010063735In August, Wendy Chioji, a former anchor at Orlando NBC affiliate WESH, announced the cancer she’d been fighting “was back.” She said at the time she hoped to enter clinical trials in a bid to beat it.

The Orlando Sentinel‘s Hal Boedeker reports Chioji has, in fact, made it into clinical trials at the National Cancer Institute, where she is remaining upbeat and hopeful:

“First, let me say that my two days at the NCI were great,” she wrote. “Every single person we came into contact with was nice and helpful. Every appointment was right on time. It’s not really what I expected, with the NCI being a government facility, but I was comfortable there, even though it was a fairly stressful time. I could tell I was in a place full of really smart and compassionate people who have devoted their lives to curing cancer.”

She writes that she has her choice of two trials, and that she doesn’t have to choose which one right away. Chioji, who has been a warrior in her personal battles, was looking to the future.

“My beautiful fall plans are coming back into focus and I have some racing to do,” she wrote.