Former Minneapolis Reporter Accuses KSTP of Sexism and Unsafe Work Practices

By Kevin Eck 

Former KSTP reporter Crystal Bui has accused the Minneapolis ABC station of sexism and unsafe work practices.

Bui made the accusations in her self-published book, More to Tell.

In the book, she said the station silenced her during staff meetings and didn’t give her some key assignments.


“My heart is exhausted from fighting this system and trying to excel while walking on eggshells,” she said. “My heart is tired of being told to shut up, from having those who want to stand in my way do everything they can to dim my light. My heart is breaking.”

“As you know, as a journalist you sometimes have to protect your sources,” Bui told the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “Some are scared of retaliation and I didn’t want to risk their jobs. You definitely want to hold people accountable. Those I’m talking about know who they are. That’s all that really matters.”

She also said the station didn’t do enough to protect her while she was covering protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

“Our station didn’t spend money on security like the others did during these initial riots, despite Minneapolis being hit the worst in the beginning,” said Bui.

KSTP news director Kirk Varner told the Star Tribune that he was aware of Bui’s book, but was unable to address the specific personnel issues.

“We at KSTP take safety and a positive work environment very seriously here,” said Varner. “During her tenure here, I’m not aware of any formal complaints about those issues that she raised about safety and having a positive work environment.”

“I don’t want my experiences to be in vain,” said Bui, who is Vietnamese American. “Women are taught, especially in Asian culture, to be polite and go along with the flow. We’re not allowed to talk back. This is my way of talking back.”