Former Las Vegas Weathercaster Accused of Stalking

By Andrew Gauthier 


John Fredericks had a 12-year career on the Las Vegas airwaves and was immensely popular, but he left Channel 3 (KVBC) some 11 months ago after a series of unusual events involving his dog.

According to a Las Vegas woman, who asked that her real name not be used, Fredericks played on her love of dogs to wrangle a date. That’s when things got a little crazy and she was compelled to call the police.

The first of the phone calls placed by Fredericks were innocuous enough. He met Jane at, an interracial dating website. Using the nickname Jordato, Fredericks said he was looking for an African American woman to be his soul mate, and that he loves dogs and worships women. He sent an email to Jane and they met for coffee.

Fredericks told Jane about Jordan, the weather dog that had died. It was honestly a very passionate story and being a dog lover myself, I was immediately taken, she said. More…