Former KTXL Employee Guilty of Helping Hackers

By Kevin Eck 

Matthew Keys, the former web producer for Tribune-owned KTXL in Sacramento, has been found guilty of helping the group Anonymous hack into the Los Angeles Times website and change a headline.

Keys was convicted of one count of conspiracy to make changes to Tribune’s website and damage its computer systems, one count of transmitting malicious code and one count of attempting to transmit malicious code.

“I appreciate the support that everyone is sending my way,” Keys said. “This affects our ability to keep sources confidential. I hope they funnel that outrage and anger into progress.”

Keys was fired from KTXL in 2010. He later gave Anonymous the login information for Tribune’s servers.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Though Keys faces up to 25 years in prison at his sentencing, U.S. attorney’s office spokeswoman Lauren Horwood said prosecutors are “likely” to seek less than five years.

Keys’ attorney, Jay Leiderman, said they will appeal after Keys’ sentencing, which is scheduled for Jan. 20 in Sacramento.

“He shouldn’t be doing a day in jail,” Leiderman said. “With love and respect, [The Times’] story was defaced for 40 minutes when someone found it and fixed it in three minutes. What do you want, a year a minute?”