Former KTVU Anchor Opens Kickboxing Gym

By Kevin Eck 

When Keba Arnold said she was leaving the Oakland Fox-owned station to start her own gym, she wasn’t speaking in code about why she left. reports Arnold is opening a gym in the Sacramento area called 9Round Gym on October 9.

“One great thing about 9Round is that there are no class times; you show up and start your workout whenever you want – morning, afternoon, or evening,” said Arnold. “It’s a full body workout with no machines or silly routines. The workout changes every day, so you won’t get bored. We provide the gloves, hand wraps, and trainer if you provide the hard work and positive attitude!”

9Round is a national chain of kickboxing gyms. Arnold is a certified 9Round trainer. Before joining KTVU in 2016, she had worked at KXTV in Sacramento.

“I’m learning so much about all sorts of things I never imagined I would ever need to know,” she wrote on her Facebook page.