Former KSAZ Anchor Kari Lake Argues with Bret Baier On-Air About 2020 Election

By Kevin Eck 

Former KSAZ anchor Kari Lake is running for Governor of Arizona. Part of her platform is to deny the 202o presidential election was on the up and up, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Lake was on Bret Baier’s show on Fox News yesterday and things got bit weird when she kept bringing up the faux fraud allegations about the last presidential election, despite Baier’s best efforts to report the truth. According to Lake, Biden is an illegitimate president and Fox News has joined the ranks of the fake and “corrupt” media.

After the exchange, Lake still didn’t seem to get the point that Baier was making about the importance of facts and tweeted about her appearance as if it was a win for her.


“WATCH what happens when a Mama Bear takes down a Fake News Baier … ” said Lake on Twitter. “The Corrupt Media REFUSES to talk about the biggest story of our lifetime: a STOLEN election. Instead they try to divert our attention to meaningless stories … I will never let them.”