Former Kentucky Sports Anchor Speaks Out About Sexual Harassment

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Former WTVQ sports reporter, Kennedy Hardman, is telling her story of sexual harassment inside a newsroom on social media.

“It started with flirty texts- I told myself it wasn’t real. He was married for goodness sakes.”

Hardman, who is now a freelance reporter in Chicago, told a story about her first news director who started making advances that eventually turned hostile.


“I wasn’t sleeping, eating, I was trapped in my own personal hell. Not knowing what I did to deserve this.”

She says telling upper management didn’t do anything. Hardman claims she was blamed for making mistakes in her copy and on the air.

Eventually, Hardman left the station and the business until she returned to broadcasting in Lexington, Kentucky.

You can here her whole story here.