Former Flight Attendant Sues Oprah Over Sex Claim

By Andrew Gauthier 


A former flight attendant on Oprah Winfrey‘s private jet says she was fired after being accused of having sex during a flight in June, and she’s filed a federal lawsuit against Winfrey’s production company denying the allegations.

Corrine Gehrls alleges that flight attendant Myron Gooch and Winfrey’s goddaughter, Kirby Bumpus, made false and defamatory accusations that led to her dismissal.

Gehrls and chief pilot Terry Pansing were fired a short time after the allegations were made, according to the suit, even though they passed polygraph tests about the incident.

The complaint also tosses in the claim that Winfrey and Bumpus were asleep during the June flight after taking sleeping pills. More…