Former Anchor Adjusts to Life as Financial Advisor

By Andrew Gauthier 

Financial Advisor

In a former life, Bob Bruce interviewed presidents and kings, covered the Olympics and a terrorist bombing, and was a fixture in people’s living rooms. In his new life, which began in earnest in December, he gets a kick from just being able to hand out his business card telling the world he’s a financial advisor.

Bruce, 56, the longtime morning and noon news anchor at Pittsburgh’s NBC affiliate, WPXI-TV, did his final broadcast on December 18. He didn’t think he’d be emotional when it came time to say goodbye to a 37-year broadcasting career, the last 13 of which he spent in the Steel City. Everything was fine on that Friday morning show until the traffic person started to cry during the goodbyes. “I kind of lost it,” says Bruce. “I guess the finality of ending a lifetime of doing something…” his voice trailing off.

“It’s not like I was sorry to leave or anything,” he continues. “When I woke up on Saturday morning it was like a huge weight was off my shoulder. I no longer had to be quiet about my business. And I no longer had to get up at 3:25 a.m. every morning. I feel like Im 100% reborn.” More…