For ‘GMA’ Seat, It’s Stephanopoulos vs. Cuomo

By Andrew Gauthier 

The Washington Post

One helped elect a president, the other grew up as the son of a governor.

Now George Stephanopoulos and Chris Cuomo are engaged in a very different kind of contest, for one of the most coveted prizes in network television.


Stephanopoulos has an edge in the competition to succeed Diane Sawyer at “Good Morning America” when she leaves to become ABC’s evening news anchor, several well-placed sources at the network say. As host of “This Week” and the newly anointed backup anchor of “World News,” the former Clinton White House aide is a bigger name, represents a greater change and has long been groomed for stardom by ABC News President David Westin.

But everyone at the network — Stephanopoulos included — recognizes that he is less adept at the lighter fare demanded by morning television, a conclusion reinforced by his stint filling in for Sawyer the last three days. For a hard-news political junkie, attempting that transition could wind up damaging his brand if the move fizzles. More…