Following WAGA’s Exclusive Interview, WSB Catches Up with Cain Accuser Ginger White

By Andrew Gauthier 

Shortly after rival station WAGA aired a big-time exclusive interview with Herman Cain accuser Ginger White on Monday evening, WSB caught up with White outside of her apartment.

While WSB didn’t explicitly mention the WAGA interview, reporter Amy Napier Viteri asked White why she had decided to go public about her alleged 13-year affair with the Republican presidential candidate.

“There were leaks,” White told Napier Viteri, saying that others had threatened to spread information about her relationship with Cain.  “I thought it was important to at least come out with my story.”

Video of WSB’s interview, which originally aired during the station’s 11 p.m. newscast on Monday, is available here (the station’s video player doesn’t allow embedding).

WSB was the only Atlanta station to speak with White on Monday night after WAGA aired its exclusive interview.  Both WXIA and WGCL aired footage of Cain denying White’s allegations on CNN earlier in the day, while ignoring the existence of the WAGA interview.  During its 11 p.m. newscast, WXIA said they had several reporters working on the story but were unable to reach White for comment.

In addition to interviewing White, WSB spoke with her ex-husband (the couple divorced roughly 14 years ago).  WSB’s Lori Geary asked White’s ex if he thought she was lying about the affair.

“With her, anything is possible,” he said.