FNC-Sesame Street Feud May Be Coming to an End

By Andrew Gauthier 


Major Garrett‘s interview with President Obama last week may have symbolically ended the feud between Fox News and the White House but the #1 cable news channel has recently found itself embroiled in another media controversy, this time with a most unlikely adversary: “Sesame Street.”

As the venerable children’s program was set to mark its 40th anniversary on the air, it ran an episode in which a news organization called “Pox News” was referred to as “trashy.” (Video here). The thinly veiled critique of Fox News set off a stream of criticism online and PBS Ombudsman Michael Getler issued a formal statement on the matter.

Thankfully, though, it appears that a truce has been called between Oscar the Grouch and Bill O’Reilly. TVSpy has learned that Fox News and Sesame Street will hold a summit of sorts on Tuesday’s “O’Reilly Factor.” On the show, O’Reilly will welcome Spill O’Reilly, a new puppet, and Sherrie Westin, Executive Vice President of Sesame Workshop.

In the infamous “Sesame Street” episode, which has in fact aired a handful of times before, Oscar the Grouch is working as a reporter and conducts an interview that a viewer deems to be not nearly grouchy enough. Calling to complain, the disgruntled viewer shouts on the phone, “From now on, I am watching Pox News. Now theres a trashy news show!”