Florida TV Couple Cleared in Child Neglect Case

By Kevin Eck 

WPTV reporter Katie LaGrone and her husband WPBF anchor Paul LaGrone have been cleared after an investigation by the Florida Department of Children and Families.

According to Gossip Extra, which first reported the story, the six-week investigation found “no indication their actions as parents are dangerous for the children.”

A DCF case worker and West Palm Beach Police officer dropped in on TV’s power couple after someone reported to the state that one of the couple’s two children, 6-year-old Jacob, was routinely left alone to roam the streets of their gated community in the Land of the Presidents section.


The anonymous complaint mentioned that the youngster was allowed to approach the neighborhood’s man-made pond, which apparently hosts a fat gator or two.

The DCF employee and officer visited the couple’s rented home, and the cop noted in his report that the house was kept clean, the children had plenty of toys and the fridge was well stocked.

Today, 37-year-old Katie LaGrone says there’s no reason the investigation should have continued longer.

“Yes, our case is closed,” she said. “There is no recommended course of action. As we expected, DCF found no indication of danger or neglect. We are raising our children in a loving and safe home. Our family has already moved on from this.”

There was some speculation Katie LaGrone was a target of the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office after she did an investigative piece looking into how the PBSO investigates shootings involving its own deputies.