First Muslim Reporter to Wear Hijab Begins Her Full-Time Role

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

A Quad Cities producer turned reporter has made history in local television news.

Tahera Rahman is the first Muslim female to wear a hijab on air everyday as a reporter for the Nexstar owned CBS affiliate WHBF.

“I didn’t have anyone who looked like me on TV, so I never really thought it was a possibility,” said Tahera during an interview with her station.

Tahera told her story of rejection and how so many news directors told her she’d never get on-air if she planned to wear a head scarf.

“I was like, someday, someone is going to notice the work I’m putting in and give me a chance,” Tahera said.

So she took a job behind the scenes at Local 4 but continued to work on her craft as a reporter. And last week Tahera finally got a shot. Her family came to the station to watch her local news debut.

“She’s wanted this her whole life,” Tahera’s mother Durdana Rahman said.

You can watch the full story below.