First Female Local TV News Anchor to Stop Anchoring After 42 Years

By Kevin Eck 

Jean Enersen is stepping away from the KING anchor desk on Friday.

Enersen has anchored for 42 of her 46 years at the Seattle NBC affiliate. According to The Seattle Times, her nickname is “The Franchise.” She is the first female local news anchor in the US.

Wednesday, Enersen told viewers, “I’m not leaving you, again. I’m refocusing at KING. I’m lucky. I’m healthy. I’m happy.” While she won’t anchor anymore, she will work on projects like KING’s HealthLink.

“This decision won’t come as a surprise to those who know me well,” Enersen said, “I’ve been passionate about health for a long time. Not just mine, but the health of my family and our community.”

Enersen will also continue working on KING 5 specials including Northwest Newsmakers, political coverage and major news events. She will also continue to serve and support the community which has been her lifelong home.  Those cause-driven organizations that have long benefitted from her commitment and passion will be able to count on her continued advocacy in the future.

“I also look forward to a whole new world of opportunities,” Enersen said.

“Jean is a force of nature in the newsroom,” said KING 5 Executive News Director Mark Ginther.  “She is a great leader and her natural curiosity pushes us. Jean has seen every major news event that’s shaped this community. Her expertise and knowledge have been great for viewers and we’re happy her presence will continue to be felt at KING 5.”

The change will also allow Jean more time to work within the community and cause-driven organizations she is passionate about. “I thank KING for this new partnership and the community for supporting me and KING 5,” said Enersen.