Fired by WJLA, Outspoken Reporter Hired by Fox News

By Andrew Gauthier 


Fired by D.C.’s WJLA after making on-air comments critical of President Obama, veteran reporter Doug McKelway has been hired by Fox News. According to the Fox News website, McKelway joined the network in November as a general assignment reporter for its D.C. bureau. The Washington Post reports that his first day was on Monday.

McKelway was suspended and eventually fired by WJLA after a confrontation with the station’s news director and GM, Bill Lord. Lord was upset with comments that McKelway made on-air while covering a Capital Hill protest by environmental groups and fired him on the grounds of insubordination.

During the segment, which aired in August during the BP oil spill, McKelway referred to the protesters as “far-left” and was critical of Obama’s relationship with BP.

According to The Washington Post, “Lord took exception to McKelway’s reporting and asked to meet with him.” The meeting ended in a “shouting match” and McKelway’s suspension. WJLA officially let got of McKelway in early September.