FCC Study Shows Lack of Diversity in Station Ownership

By Kevin Eck 

White males may be losing traction when it comes to politics, but not so when when it comes to owning TV stations.

A recent Federal Communications Commission study shows that as of 2011, 69 percent of commercial broadcast stations are owned by whites.

The remaining 31 percent was split between station ownership identified by ethnicity (2 percent) and those that weren’t (28 percent).


Station ownership by women was also lacking.  Women owned only 6.8 percent of all commercial stations in 2011 while men owned 64.8 percent, .5 percent were jointly owned and 28 percent were owned by no majority male or female interest.

According to the study minorities owned just 30 of the 1,348 full power commercial stations in the US.

The full study can be read by clicking here.

[Los Angeles Times]