FCC Chairman Genachowski Announces Departure

By Kevin Eck 

Julius Genachowski, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission has announced plans to step down from his post in the coming weeks.

“Over the past four years, we’ve focused the FCC on broadband, wired and wireless, working to drive economic growth and improve the lives of all Americans,” Genachowski told his staff “And thanks to you, the Commission’s employees, we’ve taken big steps to build a future where broadband is ubiquitous and bandwidth is abundant, where innovation and investment are flourishing.

Genachowski was nominated by President Obama and confirmed for the post by the Senate in 2009.


On Wednesday, commissioner Robert McDowell announced he was stepping down from the FCC. McDowell was the first Republican appointed to an independent agency by President Obama. The FCC is led by five commissioners who are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate for a five year term.

According to Politico, Genachowski’s decision was predicted for months and was likely come the same week McDowell stepped down. Politico added, since nominations for agencies like the FCC are paired by political party, leaving one seat on the commission for a Democrat and one for a Republican would smooth the path for the new nominees.