Fargo Anchor Shares Story of Abuse

By Kevin Eck 

Morning anchor Lane Zyvoloski says she was hiding a dark secret when she first started anchoring WDAY First News.

“My parents would shudder to know this, but I do feel like there were moments that my life was on the line,” said Zyvoloski.

WDAY anchor AbuseZyvoloski told The Forum she was a victim of physical and verbal abuse at the hands of her then-boyfriend.

“She’s the last person you’d ever expect that this would happen to,” said Rebecca Lebak, who worked at WDAY.

Zyvoloski hopes talking about what happened to her will help others who feel like they’re trapped.

“Staying silent is not going to help anybody,” she said.

“No matter how long you’ve been in it and no matter what your situation is, nobody deserves to be treated that way,” she added.

Friends wonder where Zyvoloski would be now if she hadn’t reached out for help, and they fear it wouldn’t have been a good place.

“You never know if Lane would still be here,” Lebak said. “You hate to talk like that, but it’s very true.”

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