Facebook Hires Journalist to Influence D.C. Policy

By Andrew Gauthier 


It’s an inevitable truth that companies who gain a significant impact on the lives and/or wallets of Americans better have some people firmly on the ground in Washington, D.C.–just ask the likes of Microsoft and Google.

That other online juggernaut, Facebook, is no exception to this rule, thus its no surprise to see them recruit another person to help manage public policy communications from the nations capital right under the companys Director of Public Policy, Tim Sparapani.

Meet Andrew Noyes (29), an experienced journalist who most recently blogged for National Journal’s CongressDaily on “Politics And Policy in The Wired World” and contributed a number of articles to National Journal. (Read his bio for what else hes done the past decade)

The hiring of the new public policy manager was announced internally last Friday and publicly confirmed by Noyes on his Twitter account More…