Ex-ESPN Analyst Sues Blog Over Sexual Allegations

By Andrew Gauthier 

McKinney Courier-Gazette

A former ESPN analyst and Dallas sports radio personality has filed a civil lawsuit in Denton County against the owner of a popular sports blog for causing him to lose both of his jobs and damaging his reputation.

Sean Salisbury, a Frisco resident and former National Football League quarterback, filed a petition for a civil defamation lawsuit in a Denton County court against Gawker Media for publishing several false stories on their sports blog Deadspin.com that cost him several jobs, ruined his reputation and made it difficult to find gainful employment.


Salisbury’s attorney, Jeffrey Tillotson of the Dallas law firm Lynn, Tillotson, Pinker & Cox, said in the petition that Deadspin has waged a “long-running smear campaign” against his client since January of 2007.

The blog first alleged on Jan. 6, 2007 that ESPN suspended Salisbury for taking indecent photos of himself with his cell phone and showing it to several female co-workers. More…