Elkhart Reporter Rants About How Rival Station is Marketing Her Station’s Shutdown

By Kevin Eck 

A promo from Elkhart, Indiana ABC affiliate WBND telling viewers about rival Fox affiliate WSJV going away made one WSJV employee mad enough to rant about on social media.

“Really ABC 57? REALLY?” wrote Faran Fronczak wrote on her Facebook page. “I am not one to post things like this, but this needs to be said.”

WBND aired a promo telling asking viewers if they were looking for a new news home in text over a burning building.

Earlier this week we reported that Quincy’s Elkhart, Indiana Fox affiliate WSJV was shutting down its news operation after being sold to Sinclair.

“Seeing a promo like this MAKES ME SICK!” said Fronczak. “Showing a burning building as if that’s OUR station – when it was really a burning building in Elkhart earlier in the week – and then anchors laughing right after, with Oscar award winning dramatic music to “See the difference” is repulsive. WHY? We’re in the very same business as you. Out of anyone, there should be some sensitivity on your end.”

“You couldn’t wait a day? A week?” said Fronczak. “Till the weekend? Have a heart! Have the decency to know people’s lives were changed and thrown upside down Monday. And for Pete’s sake, realize that we’re ALL human. ”

Here’s the promo and Fronczak’s rant:

WBND news director Aaron Ramey says the station has apologized to WSJV employees and removed the video.

“Our intention was to inform viewers about our newscast time periods, not to be insensitive toward Fox 28 employees,” said Ramey. “Clearly, they have a different perspective on the situation and interpreted the video differently than its intent. Because of that, we have taken the video off our Facebook feed and apologize to the staff at Fox 28.”