‘Early Show’ Asks Local Reporters for Insight on Obama’s Jobs Plan

By Andrew Gauthier 

On Thursday, “Early Show” anchor Chris Wragge spoke with local political reporters from three CBS-affiliates, asking them for insight on how Obama’s jobs plan is being received in the states where the President has recently visited.

Appearing on the show via satellite were Sam Brock of Richmond’s WTVR; David Crabtree of Raleigh’s WRAL; and Jim Heath of WBNS in Columbus.

Video inside…

Wragge kicked off the conversation with Crabtree, a veteran reporter who’s covered North Carolina politics since 1994:

The President has a major uphill battle in this state, trying to convince voters to convince their Republican members of Congress to vote for this jobs bill. Right now, the lines appear to be drawn, with the Republicans saying they are not going to do that.

Heath then pointed out that the mood has changed in Ohio:

The last time the President was in Ohio, he was at the Ohio State University: 30,000 people were there. This week: 3,000. So, the mood, everything seems to be a little bit different, as we head into 2012.

And Brock focused on Obama’s choice of venue in Virginia:

As far as where he spoke, he went to the University of Richmond–and this is interesting–because the University of Richmond is located in an affluent community. It is an elite private institution. Mr. Obama could have gone the route of the main big city school in downtown Richmond. He bypassed that, and he still had a very positive reception at the University of Richmond.