Dr. Nancy Snyderman: The Next Big News Personality?

By Andrew Gauthier 

The death of Michael Jackson has cemented TMZ.com as a legitimate, not to mention very successful, news outlet. It was TMZ, and its managing editor Harvey Levin, that first broke the story of Jackson’s death–reporting on it just 18 minutes after the official time of death.

15 years ago, the OJ Simpson murder trial provided Levin, then a legal reporter at KCBS-TV in LA, his first taste of fame and influence as a journalist. The ongoing story of Michael Jackson’s death, with issues of misguided medical care, drug abuse, and paternity, may present a similar opportunity for NBC’s chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman, or, as the network has taken to calling her, simply ‘Dr. Nancy’.

From Richard Huff at Daily News
The death of Michael Jackson may present an opportunity for Nancy Snyderman, who begins hosting “Dr. Nancy,” a daily medical and health series on MSNBC. Snyderman said she’d had the idea of doing a daily medical series since she came to NBC three years ago, and started tossing around the concept seriously about six months ago. “It’s the right time,” Snyderman said about the health show. More…


From Howard Kurtz at Washington Post
Finding the right tone for “Dr. Nancy,” a health and medical show that debuts today on MSNBC, is a challenge for this 52-year-old physician hanging out her shingle in the noisy cable neighborhood. With the health-care debate heating up on Capitol Hill, she hopes to educate as well as entertain. More…