Doreen Gentzler to Retire From WRC After 33 Years

By Kevin Eck 

Doreen Gentzler announced on Friday, she’s retiring from Washington, D.C. NBC owned station WRC at the end of November.

“I have some personal news to share this evening,” Gentzler told NBC4 viewers on Friday. “It may cause me to get a little emotional, so I’ll just say it outright. I’ve decided to retire. Not an easy choice, but something I’ve been considering for a while…I’ve been working here for more than half my life. The babies that I had during the ’90s have grown up and moved out.”

Gentzler is a native of Arlington, Va. She joined WRC in 1989.


The station credits Gentzler for playing “a key role in the station’s ratings success” as an anchor at 6 and 11 p.m. and added, “Her clear, intelligent approach to telling these stories has provided important information, which some have called lifesaving.”

“The phrase ‘anchor’ only scratches the surface of what Doreen has meant to us in the newsroom and to our viewers … She has shown her empathy and kindness to generations of colleagues who have passed through our studio doors,” said Mike Goldrick, vice president of News for WRC and WZDC.

Before joining WRC, Gentzler worked in Chattanooga, Charlotte, Cleveland and Philadelphia.