Doctor Says It’s a ‘Mystery’ San Diego Reporter Not Paralyzed

By Kevin Eck 

KGTV says the doctor for the San Diego reporter injured after a live shot about storm damage on Monday is saying “it’s a ‘mystery’ she wasn’t paralyzed.”

The San Diego ABC affiliate posted an update on reporter Marie Coronel and photographer Mike Gold. The two were injured when a tree fell on them while they were reporting for the morning show.

The station says Coronel, who suffered multiple spinal injuries and a concussion, is thankful it wasn’t worse. She will have surgery on Thursday.

Mike spoke to reporter Emily Valdez from his hospital room, and he told her, “We were at the base of the two large trees that had fallen and we were getting ready for our live shot. I had my camera pointed towards Marie, she was standing there and all of a sudden her eyes go up and she said, ‘Oh, [expletive], and that’s the last thing that happened.”

Mike suffered a compound fracture to his leg and remains in the hospital, though he appears to be eager to go home. He’s in good spirits and is using a walker to move around.