Dobbs’ Staff Must Re-Apply for Jobs at CNN

By Andrew Gauthier 

New York Post

The axe is starting to fall on the staff of more than 20 producers and reporters that Lou Dobbs left behind when he abruptly left CNN two weeks ago.

Late Friday, the CNNers were told that they could start applying for new jobs at the all-news network — with the clear implication that their old jobs were going to end shortly.


In his years at CNN, Dobbs amassed the largest single staff at the network, according to insiders, operating independently from the rest of the network in a closed-off area of the network’s new headquarters in the Time Warner building on Columbus Circle.

Many of the long-time “Lou Dobbs Tonight” staffers, including on-air reporters Kitty Pilgrim and Bill Tucker, are facing unemployment unless they can find spots elsewhere on CNN. More…